27 November 2010

Biggest pendant I've ever used

I made this from white seed beads and a large shell pendant. Took me a while to finish, but sold off almost immediately after list the item online. :)

25 November 2010

Floating Necklace

Floating necklace
Closer shot

 I remember how I so much want to prove that floating necklace can really be interesting. So here it is. I use 6mm Pewter glass pearl for this project with lots of stoppers! Great fun making them.

Materials: 6mm Pewter glass pearl, stoppers
Time spent: 1.30 hrs.

Midnight Shine

2-strand necklace with matching earrings

I've made this piece a while back with a more-than-one-strand idea in mind. Knowing multiple strands necklace gives out such elegant vibes, I kept the design simple. I always love dark shade pearl. They are the best when it comes to match with almost any type of cloth in your warope.

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