09 December 2011

Giveaway Vol. 1 Winner Announcement

Hello everyone. My giveaway vol.1 has ended and the winner is........ Teresa Frattara Bauer
Congratulations!! Please contact me using contact page or through my Sathem Jewellery Facebook page, let me know your email address and postal address. 

Thank you everyone for participating. For those who didn't win this time, I have other giveaways coming up every week. So stay tune ;).

02 December 2011

Weekly Giveaway Vol.1

Because Christmas is drawing near, I have decided to host giveaways every week from now, both here in 'My Jewelry Journal' and in my FB page 'Sathem Jewellery', until as far as I can go. After all, this is a wonderful giving season where everyone has their share of joy of both giving and receiving.

I have many different plans for Christmas in my mind, some possible some not quite. Taking in how a year fly by so quickly makes me complain a bit less and thank God more for looking after me and my loved ones year after year.

What is you plan for Christmas? Whatever they are, I hope you guys have a wonderful time filled with love, peace and joy.

This week giveaway will be 'Serene Topaz' Bracelet. I've made this bracelet with extension chain possible for both small and big wrist to wear. I love the color and I hope you guys love it too. (See rules below)

~ Must be a follower of this blog
~ Leave your name, email and country where you live in a comment box below.

The competition is open internationally and will run for 5 days (will end on the 6th of December). I will randomly pick the winner and will both inbox the winner and post the winner on this blog soon after.

Note: Please note you will bare P&P cost of £2 for UK and £5 for any other countries. 

Good luck and have a wonderful time everyone.

01 December 2011

New giveaway on my FB page

How are you guys? Just a quick note to let you guys know I'm hosting another giveaway on my FB page. In fact, I'm going to be hosting giveaways weekly over there (each competition runs for 5 days), so head over there and 'like', so you'd be updated with those lovely sparkling stuff! ^^ For this week (start today) I'm giving away 'Midnight Glam'(I've made this myself, of course. Check out the photo) to one lucky winner. The competition will run 'til the 5th of December.

Take care and Merry Christmas in advance everyone!

18 October 2011

Christmas Huge Giveaway!

Christmas is almost here! A time of GIVING!


I've always believed that in any kind of situations, our being kind, giving, considerate, thoughtful and being responsible to loved ones and even strangers will not (and should not) be taken away from us. We don't have control over most things, but if we continue to do things God's way, for me, there's not much to worry about! Sometimes God calms the storm, but most of the time He lets it rage - and calms us. Either way, He's by our side! This post, I'd like the opportunity to remind us of our duty to others, be it our spouse, our parents, our friends, our brothers, sisters, our kids, our relatives, our co-workers, our neighbors, to be a little bit more thoughtful towards them. After all, 'selfish' is never what we want to use to describe ourselves as a person, or is it?

Christmas is just round the corner, and I want to make your day! I am giving away almost all the jewelry pieces I made you are seeing on my blog (take a look at the pics below). Anyone from all over the world can participate. I hope you all have a great Christmas guys! (Rules are below)














To enter;

1) Like my FB page here , Follow this blog and my other blog (+1 entry)
2) Pick your favorite jewelry piece (use number reference)
3) Head over to 'contact' page (don't do this in the comment box, go to the contact page), fill out the simple form. In the message box, let me know which jewelry piece from the list you would like to win (use number reference) and why.

I will randomly pick the lucky ones on the 25 November 2011 for each piece and inform you via email also post an announcement on this blog. Note: You will need to pay p&p of £1 if you're within UK, and £4.50 for other countries.

Wish you all very well, and the best of luck. ^0^ 

Note: @Michelle Sutton Don't worry with this update, since you're the first to enter before the post revise, your entries are accepted. :)

17 October 2011

Let's go green

My new project is now come to life! Life twists and turns create gaps between these pieces to be made, but I always find myself back to them. Today special is my beautiful green cluster set jewelry. This time I've used semi-precious stone almost alone (if not with the cream pearls) and they came out beautiful. The set include necklace, bracelet and matching earrings. I've made this to order for special occasion (wedding). Here they are;

29 March 2011

Fabulous Giveaway

Tara from BENEATH THE SUN is hosting a fabulous Giveaway as you can see in the picture to celebrate her 400+ followers. Check out her blog to enter her giveaway HERE. Everyone with an address is welcome!

Good luck everyone.

13 March 2011

Love Stretchy!

I'm a little bit not myself this week, and the very reason being that, I'm trying to be 'more myself', if that makes any sense to you at all. After been reflecting about a lot of thing this week, I can see why certain things are the way they are. I've watch 'The Sunset Limited' the other day and it got me thinking about the fact of this life we're living. How nothing is permanent and how does that makes one feel. One thing for sure is, we've got to get it together, or we're getting too ahead of ourselves and get depressed. Which is the reason why most of us have or trying to find the things that they can say they love doing. Mine? I make jewelry. When I make jewelry, my mind is in one place, and that's how I like it.

Anyways, I've finished some stretch bracelets recently and like them. Making sure they are durable, I can safely say these lovely-stretchy won't throw themselves everywhere in bit and pieces when you try to wear them ^^. Take a look below and if you are interested check them out with details at http://www.sathemjewellery.co.uk.;

04 March 2011

Memory Bracelets

Last week I was thinking of something fun, but still, when it comes to jewelry, I just can't stop making it glitter! So the problem was, 'How do I combined the 'fun' and the 'glitter' together?!' The thought of 'wire' just popped up in my head. Though, I wasn't quite in the mood for serious wrapping, I am more than happy to play with some fun curl! That's right.. MEMORY WIRE!! ^^

Come and take a look!;

Note: They are available in my shop, Sathem Jewellery (as you can already guess^^).

Until next time.. 

Playful Cluster Bracelet

I've been reading blogs and surfing a lot lately, and why not? Thanks to the great invention, most of fresh ideas and new useful stuff are just easy to find these days. There're loads of jewelry blogs around it amazed me how some of us can be 'extraordinarily' creative and good with those ten fingers.

I love something special and glittering, it reflects so much on my jewelry. There're also some other areas of jewelry making I'd love to get into. This time, I giving myself a bit of a 'play time' and pray around with beads and ways to put them together. Here's what turned out;

Note: I've made several in 'stretch' form too. They are satisfying!

Again, these are available in my store (SATHEM JEWELLERY). You can get 10% discount by 'Like' my Facebook Fan Page and put 'PRO10' discount code at checkout. 


01 March 2011


 I've just finished 'Adventurous'(that's right.. all my jewelry got name.^^) and thoughts, 'I could do more of the red stuff! lol' I'm glad it is worth the time spent since I like the way it turns out. Check this piece out and let me know what you think. ^^

Note: 'Adventurous' is available in my store@ http://www.sathemjewellery.co.uk

16 February 2011


I've been thinking about 'party' a lot lately. A glam night, a special occasions with a lot of people you are so aware of your appearance. Being away from those moments for a bit, I guess I just needed to remind myself how things like jewelry could add up to our confidence.

I'm coming up with all beloved newbies. They are new, they are neat, and 'yes!' they are GLAM!^^ My aim is for anyone who wear them feel certain level of confidence as in, "YES! I'M LOOKING PRETTY TODAY!" sort of thing. Second, I've just completed my online portfolio, Facebook page, and online store all linked up together. Check them out.

Note: All these jewelry on this blog are likely to be in my online store-SATHEM JEWELLERY. If you like the way they look, feel free to head there and check out their prices.^^

Here are some of the pics I captured.

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