04 March 2011

Memory Bracelets

Last week I was thinking of something fun, but still, when it comes to jewelry, I just can't stop making it glitter! So the problem was, 'How do I combined the 'fun' and the 'glitter' together?!' The thought of 'wire' just popped up in my head. Though, I wasn't quite in the mood for serious wrapping, I am more than happy to play with some fun curl! That's right.. MEMORY WIRE!! ^^

Come and take a look!;

Note: They are available in my shop, Sathem Jewellery (as you can already guess^^).

Until next time.. 


Veronica Lee said...

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Have a nice day!

fun4u said...

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StellaCollector said...

Hey your stuff is fantastic, and I am enjoying reading your blog, I am very into jewelery and I collect vintage and other stuff, please feel free to visit me too there are not that many of us, I would be interested in what you have to say,
Cheers from Aussie [Australia] Stella

caroline Hammond said...

hi, i am following your blog and have liked both your facebook pages as Caroline Mcgovern. I am based in England. i dont use my google e-mail alot so if you need to contact me please e-mail me at c.sullivian@sky.com. Thanks x

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