29 March 2011

Fabulous Giveaway

Tara from BENEATH THE SUN is hosting a fabulous Giveaway as you can see in the picture to celebrate her 400+ followers. Check out her blog to enter her giveaway HERE. Everyone with an address is welcome!

Good luck everyone.

13 March 2011

Love Stretchy!

I'm a little bit not myself this week, and the very reason being that, I'm trying to be 'more myself', if that makes any sense to you at all. After been reflecting about a lot of thing this week, I can see why certain things are the way they are. I've watch 'The Sunset Limited' the other day and it got me thinking about the fact of this life we're living. How nothing is permanent and how does that makes one feel. One thing for sure is, we've got to get it together, or we're getting too ahead of ourselves and get depressed. Which is the reason why most of us have or trying to find the things that they can say they love doing. Mine? I make jewelry. When I make jewelry, my mind is in one place, and that's how I like it.

Anyways, I've finished some stretch bracelets recently and like them. Making sure they are durable, I can safely say these lovely-stretchy won't throw themselves everywhere in bit and pieces when you try to wear them ^^. Take a look below and if you are interested check them out with details at http://www.sathemjewellery.co.uk.;

04 March 2011

Memory Bracelets

Last week I was thinking of something fun, but still, when it comes to jewelry, I just can't stop making it glitter! So the problem was, 'How do I combined the 'fun' and the 'glitter' together?!' The thought of 'wire' just popped up in my head. Though, I wasn't quite in the mood for serious wrapping, I am more than happy to play with some fun curl! That's right.. MEMORY WIRE!! ^^

Come and take a look!;

Note: They are available in my shop, Sathem Jewellery (as you can already guess^^).

Until next time.. 

Playful Cluster Bracelet

I've been reading blogs and surfing a lot lately, and why not? Thanks to the great invention, most of fresh ideas and new useful stuff are just easy to find these days. There're loads of jewelry blogs around it amazed me how some of us can be 'extraordinarily' creative and good with those ten fingers.

I love something special and glittering, it reflects so much on my jewelry. There're also some other areas of jewelry making I'd love to get into. This time, I giving myself a bit of a 'play time' and pray around with beads and ways to put them together. Here's what turned out;

Note: I've made several in 'stretch' form too. They are satisfying!

Again, these are available in my store (SATHEM JEWELLERY). You can get 10% discount by 'Like' my Facebook Fan Page and put 'PRO10' discount code at checkout. 


01 March 2011


 I've just finished 'Adventurous'(that's right.. all my jewelry got name.^^) and thoughts, 'I could do more of the red stuff! lol' I'm glad it is worth the time spent since I like the way it turns out. Check this piece out and let me know what you think. ^^

Note: 'Adventurous' is available in my store@ http://www.sathemjewellery.co.uk

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